Why Choose Us


Quality Management from the Source

Spray granulation replaces traditional ball milling granulation

Strictly selected Tungsten carbide raw material

Xinhua Industrial is First-level member unit of China Tungsten Industry Association benefit from the national Top resources, China Minmetals Group directly supplies high-quality raw materials

100% high-quality raw material guarantee

Production-the spirit of craftsman is the core element of production

Continuous technological innovation and production line upgrades, and now 70% of our factory's production lines have been automated, and the gradual increase in automation rate ensures the stability of our product quality. The core of quality is talents. Xinhua Industry is an enterprise that attaches great importance to talents. All of our production line employees have rich work experience. The company's annual investment in technological innovation and equipment upgrades accounted for 40% of operating expenses. Our technicians continue to challenge the precision limits of tools.

We are convinced that only by continuous innovation, quality can always maintain international competitiveness 


Strict Quality Control


Our company's products are guaranteed to be 100% fully inspected before shipment, mainly from eight aspects of product appearance, size, material hardness, density, coercivity, magnetic saturation, metallography, mechanical properties and product performance. We have industry-leading precision testing equipment. Our product qualification rate is 100%, and customer satisfaction remains above 99%

Product values


We have a complete mold library, and we can also provide customized production for customers with different needs,

We always pursued automation instead of labor, artificial intelligence instead of labor, because we believe that talents skilled in operating machinery and equipment are the company's brains. The company will continue to improve production automation, achieve more stable product quality, reduce labor costs in the production process.  so that our products have a foothold in the world with quality and price advantages.

Safe and efficient logistics


Standard products are in stock and will be shipped within three days after payment is confirmed

Non-standard customized products, materials, drawings are confirmed, 20-30 days delivery
We will choose the most suitable transportation plan to save transportation costs for customers. There are air, land, railway and sea transportation. The logistics companies we cooperate with all have relevant qualifications, stable and reliable large-scale logistics companies such as DHL, FedEx, TNT, etc., Ensure that the goods are delivered safely and on time. Generally, Europe: 4-6 days, America: 3-5 days, Asia : 3-6 days, Oceania: 4-5 days. Our goods can be delivered door to door.



Our service concept: One-time cooperation, lifetime service,

Our sales staff serve customers 24h one-to-one from pre-sales to after-sales

We provide 24h one-to-one customer service

Our sales and Engineers will reply to customer questions within 24 hours,  all problems will be solved until the customer is satisfied.

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